Monday, 13 January 2014


These are my initial thoughts for logo development for the exhibition.  My original idea for the exhibition names included:
  • a journey through design
  • a design journey
  • london undergrounds greatest designs
  • frank picks city of dreams
Thoughts for logo imagery: the roundel, tube line colours, old fashioned signage of the underground.  As I think the designs throughout certain stations look interesting I would like to include some of my own photography in the styling and branding of the exhibition.
My original idea for the ticket design was to have the exhibition name and logo on the right hand side (landscape) and a design quote by Frank Pick, something that deals with design theory but also relates to the London Underground.  On the left hand side of the ticket have a zoomed in image of the tiling from different stations.  Each ticket will be different in accordance to the tiling chosen.  I think with these designs I would have to consider the logo placement and colour used as the photographs of the tiling will be quite colourful. 
Ideas for poster designs:  A detailed A1 poster giving information about the exhibition and some background information on the design theory behind Pick and how this was applied to the London undergrounds design policies.  The poster would include images of old photographs of the tube up until the present day showing the journey of design but still proving the success of the design with the basic symbols and ideas staying the same.
In terms of design consistency I would like to try and create similar style posters displaying the tiling from various stations.  This design would depend on the style of tiling that was used throughout.  Tiling from the Victoria line would work together, however, would not work as well as the old fashioned tiling placed in stations such as Covent Garden and Holloway Road.   It also depends on colour.
products for exhibition: promotional posters, leaflets/postcards, logo for exhibition, way finding, exhibition booklet, mock up website.   The exhibition branding needs to be in keeping with the current London Underground branding but also have my personal input for the styling of the exhibition. 
In terms of ideas for wall display and potential photographs for the exhibition posters I have thought about creating a small wall display made up of several A4 sheets of paper that when placed together form an image of the iconic roundel in its simplest form.  This would be either planning for a fixed wall display that I could have at the exhibition or the photographs of the mock up could be used as promotional material for the event.
As I want the exhibition to focus on the design values and theories of Pick as well as the design history of the London Underground I want to place various quotes stated by Pick or the DIA (Design Industries Association, Pick being one of the leading members) around the roundel.  This gives insight into the theory but also is centred around the roundel, the iconic symbol that sums up the London Underground more than anything else.

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