Monday, 13 January 2014


Whilst being in third year I have become increasingly interested in exhibition/wall display design and as development work I would like to try and create a mock up wall display of quick, cheap A4 print outs that collectively make up the roundel symbol to photograph as part of my progress.  The main focus would be the making and shaping of the roundel image through various smaller images.  But another focus that I wanted to try and get across with this was to look at some theory behind the London Underground design and take quotes that I had researched when putting together my essay and placing them in this wall display design.  I would hope to quote most of them from Frank Pick as he was at the forefront of the London Underground design so this would be appropriate.

I initially started with basic quotes written in the London tube type face placed on a block colour piece of paper representing the colours of the tube lines, similar to one o the exhibition logo designs, however this has already been done with the set of 'keep calm and carry on' posters and I felt it wasn't quite the style I was going for with the exhibition:

This was a quick mock up with all the tube colours minus yellow, obviously the quotes would differ for each image.
I then looked at how I could make the design look more consistent and traditional and so used the colours I had been using from the design of the roundel (which are slightly less bright than the colours that are used today for the roundel but similar to previous roundel designs.)

I also thought the design benefited from being in lower case as opposed to capitals.  (These are rough layouts experimenting with colour and type rather than positioning of type and overall design.
This was a more abstract approach which I originally liked the most on initial design.  It incorporates the three colours of the dated roundel without the roundel being a really obvious part of the image.  Te problem with this design is how legible the quotes are which are an important part of this development.
This is where the idea for creating a larger roundel was developed as I thought it could look interesting when pieced together to see the bigger picture.  The idea is the A4 sheets of quotes would all form together on a wall to show the roundel, each quote would be different and give an insight into Picks design theory and values.

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